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Major Structural Repairs to Farm Building, Bo’Ness

Client – Ramsay McMichael – Mr John Paul (insured)

Project Sector – Insurance Sector

Project Description – Major structural repairs to a farm grain storage building damaged during the heavy snowfall of winter 2010.

Role – After a successful tender bid we were appointed Main Contractor.

During the course of the project it became apparent that the existing foundations were insufficient to ensure the structural integrity of the building. Working alongside Ramsay McMichael consultants we were able to underpin and enhance the existing foundations whilst continuing with the originally envisaged works.

A live telephone mast, attached to the building, had to be disconnected to enable the works to progress safely.

The farm was fully operational around the works and the required date of completion to enable the harvested grain to be stored was achieved against the odds.

Close management and co-ordination was required along with ensuring all of the team including client and consultants worked together to ensure a successful completion was achieved.