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We possess a wealth of experience in most types of building construction. With this we are able to offer our clients competitive prices coupled with quality and management expertise.

Completed Contracts
CLIENT:    Hercules Unit Trust.
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Christal Management
CONTRACT:  Sub Division of Unit 11, Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre
VALUE:  £200,000
CLIENT:    Link Group Ltd.
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Martin Aitken Associates    
CONTRACT:  34 New Build Houses / Flats at Meiklehill House, Kirkintilloch.                  
VALUE:  £3.6 m
CLIENT:    Hercules Unit Trust.
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Christal Management  
CONTRACT:  Sub Division of Units C1/C2, Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre         
VALUE:  £150,000
CLIENT:    The Grand Lodge of Scotland
CONTRACT:  Alterations to Marcus Humphrey Care Home, Bridge of Weir.
VALUE:  £150,000
CLIENT:    Springfield Quay – Odeon Cinema.
CONTRACT:  Structural repairs to Screen 6, Glasgow
VALUE:  £800,000
CLIENT:    Dryden Aqua Ltd.
EMPYR’S  AGENT: The Building Design Partnership
CONTRACT:  New Build Industrial Building & Yard, Bonnyrigg. 
VALUE:  £800,000
CLIENT:    Menzies Distribution 
CONTRACT:  Extension and alterations to external service yard, Linwood.
VALUE:  £250,000
CLIENT:    Mersen Engineering
CONTRACT:  Extension to Factory, Mersen Engineering Ltd., Eurocentral  
VALUE:  £515,000
CLIENT:    Westerton Fairlie Memorial Parish Church  
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Angus Design
CONTRACT:  Crarae Avenue, Church Extension, Bearsden             
VALUE:  £400,000
CLIENT:    North Lanarkshire Council 
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Dalziel Design
CONTRACT:  Sir Matt Busby Leisure Complex, Bellshill 
VALUE:  £750,000
CLIENT:    The Grand Lodge of Scotland
CONTRACT:  Alterations to Marcus Humphrey Care Home, Bridge of Weir.           
VALUE:  £150,000
CLIENT:    Hercules Unit Trust.
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Christal Management 
CONTRACT:  Downtakings and Alterations to Retail Unit, Glasgow Fort.  
VALUE:  £300,000
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Crystal Management   
CONTRACT:  Downtakings and Alterations to Retail Unit, Glasgow Fort.  
VALUE:  £300,000
CLIENT:     Consarc Engineering 
CONTRACT:  Extension to Factory, Consarc Engineering Ltd., Eurocentral    
VALUE:  £635,000
CLIENT:    Mr. John Paul 
EMPYR’S  AGENT: Ramsay McMichael Consulting
CONTRACT:  Roof Reinstatement Works, Bo’ness
VALUE:   £250,000
CLIENT:   St. Mary’s R.C. Church   
ARCHITECT: Wylie Shanks Architects  
CONTRACT:    St. Mary’s R.C. Church, Lanark  
CLIENT:  Northwood Properties Partnership
CONTRACT:   Proposed Extension to Warehouse Phase 2, East Kilbride
VALUE:  £800, 000
CLIENT: Co owners
CLIENTS CONTRACT:  Gary Lyle, Ramsay McMichael 
CONTRACT:   Fire Damage Reinstatement – Saughton Mains Park
VALUE:     £290,000
CLIENT:    Hercules Unit Trust c/o British Land
ARCHITECT:    Cooper Cromar
CONTRACT:  Sub-division of Units 26/28, Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre
VALUE:   £220, 000
CLIENT:     Opalion Plastics Ltd.
ARCHITECT:  Design & Build
CONTRACT: New Warehouse with Offices, Eurocentral
VALUE:   £1.4M
CLIENT:  Mr.  & Mrs. McKenna & Mr. & Mrs. McAllister  
ARCHITECT:    Ramsay McMichael Consulting Ltd.  
CONTRACT: Re-Building Works, 36 & 38 Ayr Drive, Airdrie     
VALUE:  £350, 000 
CLIENT: NHS Lanarkshire 
ARCHITECT:  Dalziel Design
CONTRACT:  Kirklands Hospital, Fallside Road, Bothwell
VALUE:  £750, 000
CLIENT:    East Dunbartonshire Council
ARCHITECT: East Dunbartonshire Council
CONTRACT:   Residential Childcare Unit at Woodilee Road, Kirkintilloch
VALUE:  £2.2M
ARCHITECT:     Angus Design Associates
CONTRACT:  Alterations and Refurbishment to Office Building at Roman Road, Kirkintilloch.
VALUE:   £2M
CLIENT:  North Lanarkshire Council
ARCHITECT: Design Services Division
CONTRACT:  Conversion of Edward Lawson Centre to Form a Training Facility
VALUE: £ 1.1M
CLIENT: Retail Property Holdings Ltd.
CONTRACT:     Various Enabling Works, Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow
VALUE:   £ 600,000 (Cost Plus contract)
CLIENT: Strathclyde Fire & Rescue
ARCHITECT: Cullen Lochhead & Brown
CONTRACT: Greenock Fire Station Refurbishment
VALUE: £2.4M
CLIENT:  West Lothian Council
ARCHITECT:   Arcade Architects
CONTRACT:  Extension & Alterations to Bankton Primary School
VALUE:  £ 1.7M
CLIENT:   Cube Housing Association Ltd.
ARCHITECT:   Armitage Associates
CONTRACT:  24 Houses and 6 flats 
VALUE:  £ 4.5M
CLIENT:  Freehold Properties and Investments Ltd.
ARCHITECT:  Ramsay McMichael
CONTRACT: Ashoka Restaurant , Kirkintilloch , Fire Damage Reinstatement (Phase 1)
VALUE:   £500,000.
CLIENT:  Scottish & Newcastle Pub Enterprises 
ARCHITECT:    Davidson Design
CONTRACT:  Hotel & Marina Development
VALUE:   £ 1.8M
CLIENT:   Strathclyde Fire & Rescue
ARCHITECT:  Cullen Lochhead & Brown
CONTRACT:  Alterations to Calton Fire Station
VALUE:   £500,000
CLIENT:  Castle Inns Ltd.
ARCHITECT:   Davidson Design
CONTRACT: Conversion of Cinema to Nightclub
VALUE    £1M
CLIENT:  Northwood Properties Partnership, c/o. Datasafe
CONTRACT:  New Warehouse
VALUE:  £ 800,000
CLIENT:   Hercules Unit Trust
ARCHITECT:   Cooper Cromar
CONTRACT: Sub-Division of Units 24/25 & D3/D3a, Glasgow Fort
VALUE:  £300,000
CLIENT:  St. Augustine’s Church, Coatbridge
ARCHITECT: Wylie Shanks
CONTRACT: Roof Repairs 
VALUE: £450,000
CLIENT:   Strathclyde Fire & Rescue  
ARCHITECT:  Renfrewshire Council
CONTRACT:  Johnstone Fire Command Refurbishment
VALUE:   £1.5M
CLIENT:    CrossReach, Church of Scotland Social Care Council
ARCHITECT: Anderson Bell & Christie   
CONTRACT:  Refurbishment and Upgrading of Williamwood House, Glasgow
VALUE:  £1.4M
CLIENT:  Church of Scotland
ARCHITECT: Anderson Bell & Christie
CONTRACT:  Refurbishment of Ballikinrain School, Balfron  - 3 Phases
VALUE:    £3.3M.
CLIENT:   Design & Projects International Limited
ARCHITECT: Design & Build
CONTRACT: Midlands Train Shed - New Steel Framed Building
VALUE:  £ 400,000.00
CLIENT:  East Dunbartonshire Council
ARCHITECT:  East Dunbartonshire Council
CONTRACT:   Extension and Reconfiguration at Boclair Academy, Bearsden
VALUE:  £1M.
CLIENT:  Shandwick Square Development Limited
ARCHITECT:  Hugh Martin Partnership
CONTRACT:  Infill Extension to Shandwick Square Shopping Centre, Easterhouse
VALUE: £750,000
CLIENT:  East Dunbartonshire Council
ARCHITECT: Campbell & Morris Associates
CONTRACT: New Build Respite Centre, Twechar
VALUE:  £550,000
CLIENT:    Church of Scotland
ARCHITECT:  Design & Build
CONTRACT:   Queen Mary House, Glasgow - Alterations
VALUE:  £150,000
CLIENT:    Strathclyde Fire Brigade
ARCHITECT:  North Lanarkshire Council
CONTRACT: Alterations & Refurbishment of Easterhouse Fire Station
VALUE:  £ 1.5M.
CLIENT:  Glasgow City Council
CONTRACT: Structural Tenement Repairs to 80 Barrington Drive
VALUE:    £ 300,000.
CLIENT:    Sim Group (Holdings) Ltd.
ARCHITECT:  Design & Build.
CONTRACT:  Construction of luxury apartments, Cardross
VALUE:  £ 1.2M.
CLIENT:  Lowland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association
ARCHITECT:  Hamilton & McGregor
CONTRACT:  Alterations to T.A. Centre, Jardine Street, Glasgow
VALUE:  £800,000.
CLIENT: Methode Electronics
ARCHITECT:  R.M. Consulting
CONTRACT:  Fire Reinstatement of Production Unit
VALUE:    £ 300,000
CLIENT:    Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church
CONTRACT:  Refurbishment of Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church
VALUE:    £ 900,000.  
CLIENT:   Strathclyde Fire Brigade
ARCHITECT:  Glasgow City Council
CONTRACT:  Refurbishment and Extension to Pollok Fire Station, Glasgow.
VALUE:   £ 600,000.
CLIENT:   Glasgow City Council
ARCHITECT   Glasgow City Council
CONTRACT: Common Fabric & Structural Repairs at 16 Kennoway Drive and
13 Auchentorlie Street. Partick, Glasgow
VALUE:   £ 250,000.
CLIENT:    Lyon Properties Ltd.
CONTRACT:  Extension to Warehouse
VALUE:  £ 250,000
CLIENT:    Datasafe.
CONTRACT:  Extension to Warehouse at Glenburn Road, College Milton, East Kilbride 
VALUE:  £ 300,000.
CLIENT: North Lanarkshire Council
ARCHITECT:  John S. Angus Associates   
CONTRACT:   Conversion of Factory Units, 31 & 36 Fern Street, Motherwell.
VALUE:   £ 670,000.
CLIENT: Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust
CONTRACT: Refurbishment of Govanhill Health Centre
VALUE:   £ 1,400,000
CLIENT:    Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust
ARCHITECT:  Young & Gault
CONTRACT:     Day Hospital / Resource Centre, Drumchapel
VALUE:   £ 850,000
CLIENT:  Emreco International Limited
ARCHITECT:  Grant Design
CONTRACT:   Extension & Alterations to Warehouse
VALUE:    £750,000
CLIENT: East Dunbartonshire
ARCHITECT: Kevin Braidwood, East Dunbartonshire
CONTRACT:     Extension to Primary School
VALUE:   £ 400,000
CLIENT:   Clydebank Co-operative Society Ltd.
CONTRACT:  Reconstruction of Fire Damaged Building
VALUE:  £ 365,000
CLIENT: Cairns Church, Milngavie
ARCHITECT:   Page & Park
CONTRACT:  Alterations to Church, Buchanan Street, Milngavie
VALUE:     £ 500,000
CLIENT:  Donald Properties Ltd.
ARCHITECT:   Young & Gault
CONTRACT:    Townhouse Development, 15 Cleveden Crescent, Glasgow
VALUE:  £ 300,000
CLIENT:  Glasgow City Council
ARCHITECT:   Glasgow City Council
CONTRACT: Gable Repairs: 3 & 5 Bridgegate Path and 6 St. Andrews Street, Glasgow
VALUE:   £ 140,000
CLIENT:  West of Scotland Water
ARCHITECT: Design & Build
CONTRACT: Alterations to Office, Whistleberry Road, Blantyre
VALUE:   £ 500,000
CLIENT:    Scottish Power P.L.C.
ARCHITECT: Scottish Power P.L.C.
CONTRACT:  Refurbishment of Ex DCC Building
VALUE: £ 130,000
CLIENT:  East Dunbartonshire Council
ENGINEER: Charles Scott & Partners
CONTRACT:  Structural & Common Repairs to Tenement Building
VALUE:  £ 260,000
CLIENT:   Scottish Power P.L.C.
ARCHITECT:   Scottish Power P.L.C.
CONTRACT:    Construction of Primary Sub-station
VALUE:  £ 120,000
CLIENT:    Charles Tennant & Co. Ltd.
ARCHITECT: Cooper Cromar
CONTRACT:   Offices, Craighead Depot, Blantyre
VALUE:   £ 300,000
CLIENT: Dr. M.A. Wirth
ARCHITECT:   Roxby Park & Baird
CONTRACT:  Medical Centre
VALUE:  £ 140,000
CLIENT:  Stobhill NHS Trust
ARCHITECT:   Cobban & Lironi
CONTRACT:   Cardiac Rehab. Unit at the Edwards Pavilion
VALUE:   £ 480,000
CLIENT: Boots Properties P.L.C.
ARCHITECT:    DTZ Debenham Thorpe
CONTRACT: La Porte Precinct, Grangemouth
VALUE:  £ 450,000
CLIENT: Ambassador Frozen Foods
ARCHITECT: Design & Build
CONTRACT:  New Production Warehouse and Offices
VALUE: £ 725,000
CLIENT:     West of Scotland Water
ARCHITECT: Design & Build
CONTRACT:  Offices and New Workshops at Blantyre
VALUE:   £1,000,000

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