The SIM Building Group organisation recognises that it operates within a community, society and world that we all share. We are committed to continually improving our operations and performance, to minimise our negative impacts and maximise our positive effects on the communities we interact with. The SIM Building Group believes that our corporate social responsibility policy plays a vital role in the success of our operations.

To this end we will:

1. Comply with the relevant national laws and international agreements applicable to the countries we operate in.
2. Engage with our stakeholders, listen to their concerns and strive to eliminate or mitigate our negative impacts.
3. Treat the workforce with respect, upholding labour rights and actively supporting human rights throughout our supply chain.
4. Minimise risk to our workforce, those who use our products, and to the communities who may be affected by our operations.
5. Drive ethical trading principles throughout our organisation and supply chain.
6. Challenge bribery and corruption.
7. Develop the life cycle of our products and services to minimise their impact on the environment, and support sustainable sources of materials.
8. Support the communities we operate in.

We have developed a corporate social responsibility strategy to embed these principles into our organisation, and have implemented a management framework to regularly monitor, audit and review our progress, to drive change and challenge convention. The policy will be communicated to our stakeholders and will be followed by our staff and those who work on our behalf.

Martin Sim (Managing Director)

SIM Building Group
Corp/Social Policy
Rev: 01 May 2014
Review: June 2015

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